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fix the fern back

fix the fern back

Kayla. 27. Upstate NY.

lol no wonder

Now I figured why I’ve been wanting to simultaneously fuck and fight everyone in sight…
Damn periods.
It totally snuck up on me cause I wasn’t even paying attention in the first place.


I was pretty sure I was wearing the wrong size bra, it’s been causing a lot of discomfort, rashes, and constant need to be adjusted throughout the day. I decided to try on some more sizes today and it’s official: I’m a 42F.
That shit is bananas.
My tits are so impractical! I want a breast reduction but I’m worried about it not being covered by insurance and all the time I’ll need for recovery… And my job is very physical.
Boobs can be so very annoying. I just wanted to share.


I did a quick poster for The Walking Dead inspired by First Blood featuring Carol. 

(via lookatthisfrakkinggeekster)

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