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fix the fern back

fix the fern back

hello. name is kayla. 26. drunkard. dreamer. resident of upstate ny. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm a big re-blogger, so deal with that.
cartoons are my favorite.

I made cookies with my Nana!


In my experience; children are rude, teenagers are rude, adults are rude and old people are rude. Basically leave me alone.

(via moats-andboats-andwaterfalls)

On the other hand I did get to eat paella and very tasty tapas. Sooooo bright side? Trying not to be a cranky fuck but I’m a huge cranky fuck so that’ll happen.

At a hotel right now and the walls/floors are fucking thin and I can hear the person above me walking around. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK. That shit pisses me off so much. I’m so fucking annoyed right now.

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